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So you really do not like that old wallpaper....

If you are the person reading this that actually still has that Eighties wallpaper, put the mouse down, pick up the phone, and call us right now: 210-8555. Are you looking at the wall in front of your computer right now thinking, "this would be so much better with a fresh coat of painters delight!" Well you are right, and we have the painters you need to trust in delivering that delight! If you are not convinced yet, let's talk about Las Vegas's Premier Painting Phenom, All Valley Painting, we typed that because it was so much fun to say. But, on that note, we are good...

Las Vegas Painters
Las Vegas Painters

Commercial Contractor
HOA's, Commercial Building, Apartments, Casinos

If you do anything for 30 years, you are good at it. If you do it with passion, you are great at it. We have been painting for more than 30 years. In Las Vegas we are insured for one million dollars just so we can step foot onto any home owners associations' property, commercial building or run down landlords apartment complex. Don't worry rundown usually only needs a fresh coat of paint. If it needs more we do drywall and wallpaper too. Insurance is only the beginning though as we....

Painting Contractors Las Vegas
House Painters Las Vegas

Residential Painters
Las Vegas has seen its share of painters, we have been here through them all.

Some people just need a change of scenery. Others can not look at their walls one more time. Is there a more refreshing way to improve the overall feel of your home. Paint is that one inexpensive thing you can do throughout your entire home and come to brand new. So it would be: Hire, Leave, Come Home, New. That is simplicity. Read more about our way....

House Painters Las Vegas

Painting Las Vegas And Smiling

Las Vegas Painters, Painting Contractors Las Vegas

We Enjoy our work. We have fun when we are at work. Not the sort of laugh and joke all day and not accomplish anything fun, but the kind of "we are only happy when we are working hard for our clients" happy fun. Work ethic and craftmanship shines through in our crews. They enjoy their work and they know you want a company here in Las Vegas that can perform, you know like cut a straight line, not make mistakes and be trustworthy. This is what keeps our business going strong. We believe in the word of mouth form of advertising. In fact this website is living proof of that. It is 2012 and we are just now building our first website. Honestly if it was not for the fact that our web guy talked us into it and we are looking to expand our business we may not have done it. It has always been about your satisfaction and the knowledge that your happiness will encourage you to mention us to the next friend that says, "I need a paint guy". We will be that guy, we are anxious to be your "guy" because it means we gave you a good price and did an excellent job and you feel good about your home again.

Painters Can Have Fun Too

Here is the thing, as a painting contractor in Las Vegas, we are good at what we do. We give one of the best prices in Las Vegas, and our quality is unmatched. That is the bottom line. One thing you will notice on this site is we try to have fun. Most of our material is meant to invoke some type of humor.

We mean come on, if you can not laugh at the ugly wallpaper in your bathroom since 1984, let alone the arduous task of trying to take it all down and make it look perfect again, you would be crying instead. Oh- the sweat we have dropped taking down that wallpaper in thousands of bathrooms across Las Vegas. So do not hesitate to call us on that dilema we have been there before. After the wallpaper has been removed, and that bare ugly wall is staring us both in the face, we also carry a great drywall crew that will have the wall patched and textured in time for a fresh coat of paint. Also if you have dark paint color, like that deep burgundy that you know will take seven coats to change to a nice light taupe, call us to paint right over that. The quality of paint we use will transform that dark room into a bright, fresh gallery of serenity!

Professional Painting Contractor

There is no doubt we are a professional organization with employees that take their craft of painting seriously, our 32 years experience and success speaks that out loudly. All Valley Painting has been in countless casinos installing wallpaper and painting rooms. There probably is not a neighborhood in all of Las Vegas that we could not lay claim to working in at least one house. Our Commercial division resume runs from strip malls to industrial buildings. At the same time we are relaxed and disciplined as we care for your home. Go ahead call us and you will see: 210-8555, not convinced yet, how about our Painting Guarantee? Still not? Well then let's have some fun, looking into our web site a little further....

Las Vegas Painters

Deep Discounts

Painting Contractors Las Vegas

Military Couple Gets New Coat Of Paint Through Out Their House And Pays Less...
Discounts for Active Duty and Veterans Lets Talk.

Painting Contractors Las Vegas

Going above and beyond for those who teach our future.
Teachers are special. We want to give back.

Quality With The Right Products

Remember us bragging about our 30 plus years experience painting Las Vegas? The reason why we have such pride in that is we may have been figuring it out the first few years but that priceless experience teaches us some important lessons.Painting Contractors Las Vegas The first being use the best materials. Our choice Frazee. This is why:

  • Durability.
  • Washable.
  • Rolls Smooth, Better Coverage.
  • Expensive. We pass on our savings to you.
  • If you don't like it, we'll use alternatives.

Get in touch with A.V. Painting

This is how you can find us, call anytime, we will forward the phones just so we get your call:

Address: 3305 Spring Mountain Rd  Ste. 106
Las Vegas , NV 89102

Telephone: 702-997-4556

North Address: 8617 Yamamoto St,
Las Vegas, NV 89131

Telephone: 702-210-8555

Las Vegas Painters License #: 48640B